Local Automotive Enthusiast – Kyle M.

Posted on September 3rd, 2012 by Anthony

We're starting to do a blog feature to find out a little more about our customers. On a day to day basis we design, print and ship our clothing brand, without our loyal customers we wouldn't be here today. So starting this fall we're hoping to do a recurring blog feature on some of our customers and their cars. This month we've got got Kyle and his '06 STi. Kyle is also a part of the local Subaru Forum WSC.

So tell us a little bit about yourself Kyle?

I'm just an average guy that loves to play sports, hang out with friends and work on cars on my spare time.

What made you decide on getting an STi

There were few things that attracted me to the STi. The all-wheel drive which is great for winter here in Edmonton and the sound the engine makes when you put a catback exhaust on it, also the looks of the car and the power it has are all some things that made me attracted to it.

How did you piece together your mods?

Honestly i just started with the normal bolt-ons like every other Subie guy and went from there. every few weeks a new part would come in and it would just start adding up over the year and a half I've owned the car, and it still hasn't stopped. It's an addiction that once you've started you cant stop.

What are some of the key aspects of your build in terms of personal goals?

My personal goal has always been to make my car faster then my dads corvette zr1 but realistically unless I win the lotto that's not ever gonna happen, so 1 wanted to hit over 300whp on Airboys dyno in Calgary.


What are some of the things you enjoyed during your build?

The things I mostly enjoyed during my build was getting the chance to do all the work on my car myself and getting knowledge and experience from it.

What are things you would change or would like to change?

One thing I definitely would like to change are the stock STi seats they are complete garbage, I'd like to get some Evo X recaros in the future.

So what are some of your future plans and goals with your build

Some future plans for my car would be new seats,better coilovers, water meth and a built engine.

Any word of advise to anyone going to tackle a build like yourself?

If your going to do a build like mine make sure you know what your getting into, once you start you cant stop and its not fun being broke all the time lol.

That's awesome Kyle, thanks for taking the time to meet with us. If you guys want to be featured in our blog send us an email to info@stage2clothing.ca