Interview with Chris R. from Touge Tuning

Posted on July 9th, 2012 by Anthony

We had the pleasure of doing some t-shirts for Chris at Touge Tuning this past week. Chris wanted to come out with a t-shirt design that was upbeat but yet unique to his clients.  So we had decided to go with our organic sustainable t-shirts line. The t-shirts are a unique 50-50 blend of Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester (yup plastic water bottles). We added a soft hand to our ink in order to accomodate the softer t-shirt and simplistic print of the design. Here is a quick interview we conducted with Chris:

First off tell us about yourself. Who is Chris R.?

I'm just a normal person with a passion for performance and speed. I've been into the scene since I can remember and have always loved the community and support that you get from most car clubs. Most recently I have become addicted to doing track days and now racing my ZX6-R at the local tracks in Ontario. The pure performance and skill set involved in going fast on a motorcycle is something I can't seem to find anywhere else.

What made you want to jump into starting your own company?

I've always had a keen business sense and never felt I would be satisfied working under someone else. I took a leap of faith starting Touge Tuning and it's turned out great. I really had a difficult time back in the day finding reliable and trustworthy vendors for parts. You either could never get a solid price or they would sell you whatever they could most easily get. No one seemed to care about whether the products actually functioned the way they were intended.

So what does Touge Tuning mean?  What does it stand for and where did it come from?

Touge Tuning to me means building a car that is capable of performing at a high level in a track enviroment but isn't going to bruise your kidneys driving home. Touge came from my obsession with Best Motoring and their "Touge Battles". It's not the easiest name to pronounce correctly for most without hearing it said to them, but you'll never forget it.

What is your favorite part of starting your business?

My favorite part about operating Touge Tuning has to be working with the great customers I have the pleasure of dealing with. Helping someone to lay out a plan for their upgrade path to meet their goals. When the modifications are finally complete, it really makes me happy to hear from the customer about how much more they're enjoying their car now.t

You've built a solid reputation within the tuner community what are your keys to your success?

To keep it short, Honesty is the key to the success of Touge Tuning.

I've known you for sometime now Chris, and I recall when you first started. What do you see as the near future for Touge Tuning?

We've recently moved into a new facility in Mississauga and have added a full-time mechanic. This is a big move in the right direction for Touge Tuning and is just a glimpse of what I hope to achieve. In the future we will be putting together some programs for those involved in time attack and hopefully road racing. We also hope to add a second full-time mechanic and be able to support a broader customer base in the motorsports community. We'd love to get involved with some BMW track tuning.

Ok last question I promise! Anything else you’d like people to know about Touge Tuning?

I just want all of our present and future customers to know that we appreciate all the support online and offline in the communities. Without all of you we wouldn't be here today

Feel free to check out their new t-shirts available on their online store


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